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The NEW and IMPROVED "Face Cap Pliers"

  New "Improved" Face Cap Pliers This tool is fully adjustable to accommodate most any size of face caps from the very thin, to the larger older style. The tool quickly removes face caps requiring a minimum amount of adjusting to reinstall the same face cap back on. Giving your job a professional look after reinstallation of the face cap.  

    The Gator Tools, Face Cap Pliers #042c is a hearty tool with a durable finish to resist weather. The installed torsion spring helps open the tool, making the tool a breeze to use. The tip is made of specialty hardened material for long wear, but if broken it can be replaced without any hassles. Instructions are easy to follow with graphics to help anyone. This tool is a must for the professional automotive locksmith. Once you are accustomed to the operation and feel of the Face Cap Pliers, the process will be fast and easy.

  You will soon wonder how you ever survived without a pair of the face cap pliers.

This tool is ideal for those times when you need to work on a lock and do not have a replacement facecap, this tool make it easy remove and replace the same facecap. It pinches up small portions of the cap without tearing the metal, then the same tool will roll the metal back in place.

Replacement Parts
Face Cap Pliers


There are several improvements that will make the tool easier to use. It starts with the handles, they were redesigned to give a smooth easy too grip and uniform pressure. This was on both the cap being removed as well as the comfort when applying pressure, for both removing and reapplying the face cap.

The next big improvement was the shelf for apply the facecap after removal was upgraded, this was enlarged to allow the the facecap to set level and flat when crimping the cap back into position.

The double sided tip was enhanced to give you double the usage before needing to replace it with a new one. The quality of the tip was upgraded to ensure longer life.

We still make these in the USA.

Just A Note:

We were established in 1998, the tools came from being frustrated with no tools to fit the job or the tool just could not do a good enough job for what we needed.

 We have had or should I say have many more ideas for tools but many were not feasible to make and or sell, yet these are not the last of what Gator Tools is about, Keep an eye out for more innovative ideas in the future.


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  Our products are in demand by professional locksmiths who need tools with superior performance and on the job durability. Since our founding, Gator Tools has never shifted focus from our mission, that is: Providing Quality Tools. Gator Tools is the name that spells quality, top-notch durability and professional tools.

  It's not just our quality and professional products that make us unique. It also includes a steadfast history of dedicated commitment to our customers. Our tools are supported by unparalleled, experience, knowledge and service to our customers.

  All our tools are made right here in the USA.