Face Cap Pliers #FCP42c

New Design & Improvements

This tool is ideal for those times when you need to work on a lock and do not have a replacement facecap, this tool make it easy remove and replace the same facecap. It pinches up small portions of the cap without tearing the metal, then the same tool will roll the metal back in place.

Wafer Popper #WP45b

This tool make very quick work of popping out the wafers in your lock. Even if those wafers were pinned in place, it also does a great job of snapping in e-rings and reinstalling stubborn wafers...

Click, Click, Click it just that quick!

Mortise Wrench #MW53b

How many times have you worked hard to remove a stubborn mortise lock and wanted to not scar it or ruin the finish on the lock. This tool is like having a wrench, it make quick work of turning  cross threaded, corroded or stubborn locks.

Vats Bypass Module #VBM054

This unit is a time saver, no more column teardown, has all 15 values included, plugs directly into the OEM wire harness under the dash. It will be needed in every single vats installed vehicle at some point.  Be ready to install one today!

Mortise Socket #MS056

This tool will slide between the mortise lock and the spin collar, to grab the lock and break the set screw. It will also give you a way to un-screw stubborn, corroded and cross threaded locks with ease.

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